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Pre-order a Dizzy signed limited edition CD along with gifts to celebrate the digital release of Dizzy EP on to all digital platforms on 17th August.
With the CD you get 10 tracks opposed to the 5 that will be available online.

Limited Edition


Designed by Katie

"One thing that’s clear from the album is that it has been meticulously crafted with love and the utmost attention to every slight aspect of its inception. This results in a collective so consistently impeccable it’s only surpassed by the fact this accomplished young lady exerts creative control over all aspects of her music single-handedly."

"Diligence, dedication and artistic dexterity bring musical delight - multi-talented country-pop sweetheart Katie Nicholas charms with a darling and colourful combination of spirited, tenderly dolce melodies and beautiful, spellbinding artwork. Doing so, the imaginative London-based, Liverpool raised singer/songwriter minds and manages both music and design, e.g. video making, album booklets and gig posters - independently - solely depending on her creative spirit and artistic craft, which convincingly finds expression in her recent debut release, Dizzy."

Available from the following digital platforms from 17th August.

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Digital Edition




The response has been heart-warming, the reviews and more - I'll never ever forget it. I apologise for such a long-winded page full of promotional fodder, but I thought sharing not only the album link but also the extremely sweet feedback I've had from this project.  I went overboard on this campaign - taping Haribos, letters and balloons to the backs of each order at 3am on a work night - but I did it because I wanted say a personal thank you to everyone who ever believed in me! 

Personal Note




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